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 With my current body of work, I am visually processing

the issues surrounding growing pains, and the process

of discovering who I am and what I believe.

I have observed in my own life, as well as

my peers’, the trials and struggles of

what it means to become and individual

with our own ideas and beliefs. I approach

these sometimes-dark issues with bright

colors and playful humor, making them

simultaneously accessible and even acceptable.

This series is a representation of

how I see the world has changed

as Ive grown. I use my work to

display the “mutation” process

I see taking place in society

today. This body of work depicts

a natural creature undergoing a

“shedding of its skin” in order to

look like the way society says we are

supposed to look. I realize that more and

more people makes choices based on

what is popular and trending, even

though it is often impractical and

contradicting in it's very nature.

They allow society to dictate what

it is that they believe, which in turn,

begins to mutate who they are. No longer

do they stand for things that they were

taught as children. Instead they take on

what the social trend is, wear it like a

new skin, and fight like a rabid dog

to defend their viewpoint to the end.

In their head they believe their way

is the natural and correct way,

best for all people. This belief

system blurs the lines of what is

truth and what is reality, presenting

us with a mindset that is unnatural

and contradicts itself.

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